21 April 2011

Many mistakes in Harry Potter

I of many, many many, people would say that the Harry Potter-series can match The Lord of The Rings, but surely LoTR is more complete and with no, of extremely few mistakes, that is where the Harry Potter books can't match up. In the Harry Potter-series there are many mistakes, though not to many really affecting the story, more like funny misfits, as page 103 in "Magical Creatures & What The Like To Eat" is about werevolves, but later it says page 233. But here is a big one though, and I'll make a video about it, that will be out next week!

The Common Room & Sleeping Rooms
There are many studenst in Gryffindor, and from the common room there are two doors, one for the girls sleeping room and one for the boys. According to J.K in the first book, Harry and Ron went through the door and up a windy staircase and then into a room with four beds, just enough for the boys in first grade that year in the Gryffindor house, but where. Where does the other boys sleep, well in the book there are two possible solutions magic or more staircases. But in the film there is just a door and then a room to sleep in, what the heck? I know I asked my self the same question.

There seems to be a mistake in the last and final book, I am not completely sure of this one though! Harry, Ron and Hermione are going to break into Gringotts, and so Hermione becomes Bellatrix with the help of polyjuice potion, but where does she get the hair needed to do so. One explenation is that it is mentioned in the DH, but I have just forgotten it: strings of hair were left on Hermione's clothes when she is tortured by Bellatrix.

by Leif B. Hammer

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