Leif B. Hammer

Leif B. Hammer
Leif B. Hammer is DiffrentJamSith. Mr. Hammer currently lives in a little town on the Northern tip of Norway. He is locally renowned for directing and in particepated in both 2010 and 2011 in the competition UKM, in 2011 he was one of the winners of the local UKM competition, with the film "Svindel i Himmelen" or "Fraud in Heven", which can be seen here.

Mr. Hammer is a creative, intelligent and wise person. He has a wide variety of interests, such as coffee, film, reading, fantasy, writing, directing, editing, special effects, visual effects, religion, spirituality, history and much more. Right now he is attending school in his town, and currently direct and write videos for YouTube.
Favourite book(s): Oh! Touhg one! I guess Harry Potter, Narnia and all works by Tolkien, and oh! Yeah! His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman
Favourite film(s): I do not know, there are too many great films to choose from...
Favourite colour(s): Blue, purple and green
Favourite game: World of WarCraft, which I played long ago now, and the Call of Duty series.
Favourite food: Minsmeat, some greek thing with meat, vegetables, spice and spaghetti, plus garlic bread. Pizza is also my favourite food.
Favourite drink: You know this! Coffee!! And suprisingly enough water...
Religion/ Belief: I am a spiritual person, I belive there is a God, and that everything has it's reason, that we can all create out life, for whe have "The Law of Attraction". I belive Jesus existed, and was a great man, but the son of God, well I do not know, and never probably will.
by Merah, may be updated.

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