30 April 2011

Videos from Day of the Dance 2011 in Berlevaag

Here are the videos I filmed of the event for dancing:
One more is on it's way

27 April 2011

A new Harry Potter trailer online

Last night at ABCFamily a new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer arrived, it is no less than epic! We see major fight scenes from the battle of Hogwarts, aswell as The Prince's Tale. See it for yourself down below.

!Unfortuantely the embed is not aviable, so please click here.

Here it is! The Grand Video of the week: The Nespresso Machine

Unboxing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Coffee: Nespresso tasting of first espresso on it ever!

A little clip of me tasting my first espresso from our brand new Nespresso Essenza machine, more will come later!

26 April 2011

New video tomorrow, suprise & updates to the blog

Tomorrow a new The World of Harry Potter (and me) will air. Accompanied by a suprise vid. Stay tuned on the blog for some updates

21 April 2011

Coffee review: Coop Mørkbrent Continental

Aromas: soft, mildly-intense, fragments of nuts and chocolate...
First sip: mild, bitter, chocolate like almost, good aftertaste, good flavour all in all.
Second sip: still mild, a bit bitter like bitter chocolate, aftertaste is bitter like chocolate and hints of dishwasher soap...?!

Impression: Chocolate like, a wee bit bitter, mild, good flavour and a okay aftertaste, a bit soap like though, which may be due to the fact that it is pre-grinded! Nice soft body.

All in all: Reccomended as a coffee for lunch or before dinner, not very good as a starter of the day or to calm down after eating something too sweet, not bad at all. Plus it was UTZ Certified, read more on that here. A 4 out of 6 beans.


Book Unboxing of Percy Jackson & The Olympians plus The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Genious cartoon

And the there is this leaked clip from Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!

Many mistakes in Harry Potter

I of many, many many, people would say that the Harry Potter-series can match The Lord of The Rings, but surely LoTR is more complete and with no, of extremely few mistakes, that is where the Harry Potter books can't match up. In the Harry Potter-series there are many mistakes, though not to many really affecting the story, more like funny misfits, as page 103 in "Magical Creatures & What The Like To Eat" is about werevolves, but later it says page 233. But here is a big one though, and I'll make a video about it, that will be out next week!

The Common Room & Sleeping Rooms
There are many studenst in Gryffindor, and from the common room there are two doors, one for the girls sleeping room and one for the boys. According to J.K in the first book, Harry and Ron went through the door and up a windy staircase and then into a room with four beds, just enough for the boys in first grade that year in the Gryffindor house, but where. Where does the other boys sleep, well in the book there are two possible solutions magic or more staircases. But in the film there is just a door and then a room to sleep in, what the heck? I know I asked my self the same question.

There seems to be a mistake in the last and final book, I am not completely sure of this one though! Harry, Ron and Hermione are going to break into Gringotts, and so Hermione becomes Bellatrix with the help of polyjuice potion, but where does she get the hair needed to do so. One explenation is that it is mentioned in the DH, but I have just forgotten it: strings of hair were left on Hermione's clothes when she is tortured by Bellatrix.

by Leif B. Hammer

Coffee: Water to use when brewing

Most coffee knowers will probably be astonished when I say the following. I use tap water for brewing coffee. Want to know why? Well, you see I live in Norway near the coast line, in the north, mountains all around. And that is where the water comes from, the mountains, delicious water I can tell you. One should bottle it and sell it at Ebay, "Norwegian water from Berlevåg"...."USE ONLY FOR CONSUMING, OR MAKING COFFEE OR TEA!". Belive me there is no shame in using this water, clear as crystal, sweet and cleansing, oh! Heavenly is thy Norwegian water! by Merah

Pictures of Mr. Hammer's private library

There are more books in my collection than just these!

20 April 2011

A Brand New Coffee Cup & Four New Books!

It is a beautiful spring day, with clouded skies and the bright light from the sun being crushed between them, yes certainetly this is not the ideal spring day, but it shines, in it's own special way. For today I got four books, ordered a couple of weeks ago from Barnes & Noble, the reason it took some time you can read about on the page about me, or as it is called "Leif B. Hammer".

When I tell you wich books it was you will laugh, are you ready? Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 1-3 and The Los Hero, or Last Hero maybe? By Rick Riordan. Yeah! I know make fun of me! Those are childrens books, but they are actually quite intriguing, and I like them. I really know, it is weird, but it's fantasy, wery childish though for a guy who's read The Hobbit, The Lord of The Rings (actuallt currently in the middle of "The Return of The King"), Harry Potter and so on. But still, those books are fun, mixing the modern world with Greek mythology. Genious! Kind of!

Now for the new coffee cup, I bought it yeasterday actually, a beautiful cup I've found myself staring at for days now at our town's local electric, clothes and random stuff store, "Reidar Svendsen AS". They are famous in my town for selling things fairly expensive, say you are looking for a kitchen machine that usually costs 100 dollars, but they would sell it for 200 dollars, get it now? But again it's a small town, they got to make some money of the buisness, cause it is not exactly lucrative...
Here is a picture of the cup:

More pictures:

A Comedy Video

A brand new comedy video by DiffrentJamSith is out

A Harry Potter discussion show on YouTube

DiffrentJamSith's new show "The World of Harry Potter (and me)" seems highly popular, and is recommended for anyone interested in Harry Potter, DiffrentJamSith promises many future episodes, where the three next, according to Mr. Hammer himself:
"It's about Grindlewald, a funny twist on the use of Polyjuice potion and last but not least my expectations for the last film installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2"

Have you not yet seen the two first episodes? No worries, their down below, together with some funny pictures, Harry Potter related of course.

Episode 1: The Elder Wand Problem

Episode 2: Lovegood in the film vs the book

Written by Merah