21 April 2011

Coffee review: Coop Mørkbrent Continental

Aromas: soft, mildly-intense, fragments of nuts and chocolate...
First sip: mild, bitter, chocolate like almost, good aftertaste, good flavour all in all.
Second sip: still mild, a bit bitter like bitter chocolate, aftertaste is bitter like chocolate and hints of dishwasher soap...?!

Impression: Chocolate like, a wee bit bitter, mild, good flavour and a okay aftertaste, a bit soap like though, which may be due to the fact that it is pre-grinded! Nice soft body.

All in all: Reccomended as a coffee for lunch or before dinner, not very good as a starter of the day or to calm down after eating something too sweet, not bad at all. Plus it was UTZ Certified, read more on that here. A 4 out of 6 beans.


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