20 April 2011

A Brand New Coffee Cup & Four New Books!

It is a beautiful spring day, with clouded skies and the bright light from the sun being crushed between them, yes certainetly this is not the ideal spring day, but it shines, in it's own special way. For today I got four books, ordered a couple of weeks ago from Barnes & Noble, the reason it took some time you can read about on the page about me, or as it is called "Leif B. Hammer".

When I tell you wich books it was you will laugh, are you ready? Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 1-3 and The Los Hero, or Last Hero maybe? By Rick Riordan. Yeah! I know make fun of me! Those are childrens books, but they are actually quite intriguing, and I like them. I really know, it is weird, but it's fantasy, wery childish though for a guy who's read The Hobbit, The Lord of The Rings (actuallt currently in the middle of "The Return of The King"), Harry Potter and so on. But still, those books are fun, mixing the modern world with Greek mythology. Genious! Kind of!

Now for the new coffee cup, I bought it yeasterday actually, a beautiful cup I've found myself staring at for days now at our town's local electric, clothes and random stuff store, "Reidar Svendsen AS". They are famous in my town for selling things fairly expensive, say you are looking for a kitchen machine that usually costs 100 dollars, but they would sell it for 200 dollars, get it now? But again it's a small town, they got to make some money of the buisness, cause it is not exactly lucrative...
Here is a picture of the cup:

More pictures:

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