16 May 2011

Review of: Bad Taste (An early Peter Jackson film)

This film was made with a zero budget, it was originally planned as a short film, but then our beloved "Lord of The Rings" director, Peter Jackson decided to make it a feature one. Thank God that he did. This film is filled with laughs and little ironies. It is also filled with fake guts, blood and a whole lot of brains! Though it surely does not defeat the other gore film he made, "Braindead" or "DeadAlive". Here is a short plot of the film:
Evil aliens seeking to sell human flesh for the fastfood industry on their planet, have killed a whole town. Now it is up to The Boys to stop them, they are New Zealands and the world's only hope. They must find out what's going on, release a kidnapped guy, who looks funny, and kill the aliens.
This film is hard to find nowadays, and for that I am proud to be the owner of a copy, plus that I own the documentary on how it was made. If you have not seen the unboxing yet, well then it is below, and if you want to know what I got in the mail the other day, well, then that is below too. 
And here below these two, is a little horror short:

07 May 2011

Shopping in Vadsø

I've got a blazer & accesories for our 3000 kr. New coffee cups, tea, coffee, books & more...